Reservations cannot be made 16.6. - 4.8. Books are not transferred between 3UAS libraries during the summer.


Paying library fines

Paying online in Finna

Payment can be conducted via Finnish online banks or by using international credit cards (Visa, American Express, MasterCard) or by phone (MobilePay).

Before you pay online, please note following things

  • You can pay fines of all 3UAS libraries (Haaga-Helia, Laurea and Metropolia libraries) online.
  • However, remember to try to renew the loan either a) before the payment, or b) after you have paid online. But if there is a request for the material, renewal is not possible.
  • If your fines amount to 15 euros or more, or your loaned item has reservations, or the renewal limit has been reached, you cannot renew your loan. In that case, return the loan or contact the library.
  • Replacement of a lost item fees can't be paid online. Also, if you have fees that are handled via Lowell, those fees can't be paid online on Finna.
  • You cannot change the amount of the payment.
  • The minimum payment is 1,00 €.
  • If there are problems with paying online, please contact the library.
  • More information on overdue fines can be found on price list.

Paying online step by step

  • Login to HH Finna. Go to Your Account and choose Charges-tab.
  • Click Pay online button
  • After you have paid, please remember to return to Finna so that the payment will be registered to the library system without delay.

More information on the online payment system

Paytrail Plc (2122839-7) acts as an implementer of the payment handling service and as a Payment Service Provider in cooperation with Finnish banks and credit institutions. In the VISA, VISA Electron and MasterCard payments, Paytrail Plc will be shown as the receiver in the invoice and they will forward the payment to the merchant. Paytrail Plc is a licensed payment institution. For the consumer, the service works exactly the same way as the traditional web payment services.

Paytrail Plc, Business ID: 2122839-7
Innova 2
Lutakonaukio 7
40100 Jyväskylä
Telephone: 0207 181830

Paying at the library

  • Accepted payment methods at Pasila campus library are cash and debit cards as well as Visa, Visa Electron, V PAY, MasterCard and Maestro.
  • Accepted payment methods at Haaga, Malmi and Porvoo campus libraries are debit cards as well as Visa, Visa Electron, V PAY, MasterCard and Maestro.
  • At Vierumäki campus library only cash payments are accepted.
  • At libraries you can pay part payments.
  • You can find our customer service opening hours on our website or on HH Finna's frontpage.